2nd 21st ♥

Dahil alam kong tamad ka magbasa, just hit the play button and read with your eyes 😉


You can thank your stars all you want but
I’ll always be the lucky one

So here’s the first ever love letter that I’ve ever written to a guy..

You already caught my eye the first time I saw you when I had my interview. And after that day, a voice inside me told me that I need to see that guy again. You have heard this several times already but I want to share it with you over and over and over again. Sobrang thankful ako sa Tita ko dahil pinush niya ko mag-apply sa bank. I know God wanted this too. And when I finally accepted the job offer, yung first day ko sa office was actually the most nerve wracking moment in my life. I was actually thinking of you while we were being oriented by the HR. Sabi ko nga sayo diba, may maliit ng part ng pag-dedecide ko na tanggapin yung job offer is because of YOU. I was 50% nervous and 50% excited not only because I am going to my first real job but also because I am finally seeing you again. Your smile was the most beautiful thing that I have seen that day. Sobra yung kaba ko nun (and simpleng kinikilig na din) habang tinutulungan mo ko i-set up yung PC ko, habang binibigyan mo ko ng idea with our work and habang tinatanong mo ko ng random stuffs about me. 2 weeks pa lang ako non, pero do you still remember the time when I told you that I got an offer from JP Morgan but I turned it down? It’s just not because nahihiya ako sa inyo, but also because naiisip ko na baka may chance tayo. And I was right. We started from simple exchange IP messages (the sinful IP to be exact haha), talking about random things so we can get to know each other more. Those IP messages became Facebook chats (ehem) , to casual text messages. In short, wala pang malisya swear hahaha. It lead to something more “special” when you asked me to go on a foodtrip to PUP, but ended up going to Maginhawa St. instead. At first I really thought that it would be just a simple hangout, but no. That “hangout” turned out to be our first date. 🙂 Sabi nga nila, the rest is history.

Fast forward to the now. I am not expecting that you would bring so much impact in my life. I may not be very vocal in expressing my feelings for you like the way you do, I may always find it difficult in saying how I truly feel for you, but there is only one thing that I want you to know. I am beyond thankful that I’ve met you and I really want this relationship to last. All those heartaches of mine in the past were already covered by your love for me. We may have fights or misunderstandings now and then but I know and I believe! that our love for each other will prevail. (May masusunog na bahay pag hindi)

Those first hand experiences, misadventures or whatever you may call them will always have a special spot in my memory bank and in my heart. I am really looking forward to doing those things with you for the 2nd, THIRD, 4th, 5th… time around. Every moment spent with you is just too special for me. Kahit minsan nag-bubullyhan na lang tayo and para na lang mga ewan =)) Sobrang beyond words yung happiness ko whenever we’re together and just like how you can see a future with me, I feel the same way too. Sana ikaw na yung happy ending ko. Sana ikaw na yung lalakeng una kong makikita paggising ko sa umaga and ang last na masisilayan ko sa pagtulog ko.

They say Love hurts. That Love will only cause pain, heartaches, and tears. That it will only bring temporary joy. But the truth is? Love is the greatest thing in the world and being in love is the best feeling you can get out of it. And for me? You show me what it feels like to be in love. Sobrang thank you. And as the line in a song goes, You can thank all the stars all you want but, I’ll always be the lucky one..

Happy 2nd monthsary Tatay! 🙂 I love you!


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