8 Foods That Are Ruining Your Skin Without You Knowing It

Almost everything in this list is my favorite </3

Beauty High

foods bad for your skin

You wash your face daily and take your makeup off before bed like you’re supposed to. So why is your skin far from glowing? Well, even though what you put on your face matters a whole lot, what you put into your body also reflects back onto your skin, according to leading nutrition experts.

Here are eight foods (and drinks!) to stay away from if you’re having skin issues—or if you simply want your skin to look its best every single day.

1. Chocolate: For years we’ve heard myths about how sweets can make you break out, and the  (not-so-sweet) truth is that these stories are true. According to nutritionists Jayson and Mira Calton, co-authors of Naked Calories, chocolate may actually make acne worse. Citing a study conducted in the Netherlands, they say that chocolate increases production of interleukin -1b, a marker of immune system inflammation, which increases the…

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