What Now?

In less than a month’s time, I will be marching in PICC as one of the first batch of graduating students of FEU – Makati under the program BS Accounting Technology.

WHAT NOW? After graduation, many of us, most especially me, will ask this question. On my part, I am really torn up between trying my luck in other schools for BS Accountancy or try looking for a company that will accept me. Honestly, I really do not like my course in the first place but my parents talked me into pushing through with it; and because, I love them that much, I agreed. I really wanted to take Hotel Restaurant Management or something related to culinary because I find joy in cooking or baking. My long term goal is to be a chef and I know enrolling in culinary school would be way too costly and I do not want my parents to carry the burden for me. AGAIN. I am also dreaming of putting up my own bakeshop or restaurant as soon and I will do anything to make that come true. As for the part of looking for other schools where I can take BS Accountancy, I am actually not sure. Of course, being a CPA would really be an advantage, I am not sure if that is what I really want to be.

I have been meaning to tell this to my parents but I do not know how. Things are just piling up inside of me, and having somebody listen to me is already a big relief.

I have been asking the Lord for guidance, and I know and believe that in no time, I will have the answer right in front of me.


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