Could This Be Love?



Could this be love?
I’m feeling drifting up
On ceilings with your touch
Could this be love? (love, love)
‘Cause when we kiss
My heart drops like a bomb
I’m in pieces when you’re gone
Could this be love? (love, love)
Could this be love?


It was Valentine’s Day when you casually chatted me up on Facebook. I thought our conversation would also end on the same day, but you asked for my number and texted me. I actually didn’t think it would lead to something romantic. We weren’t actually strangers with each other because we were sharing the same school service during our elementary years. So to cut the story short, we started texting, calling, and secret rendezvous for 3 times now. The first time was a little bit awkward since we haven’t seen each other in years (2.25.2014), the second was at your place (when after you insisted that I go, and after many times I turned you down, I finally agreed – 3.21.2014), and the third (3.26.2014) time still at your place.The moment you held my hand for the first time, was when I went  to your place, and happened right outside your house when we were just talking. I was actually shocked, but I just kept my cool. I don’t want appear all red and blushing. The third time was actually really memorable though I already forgot the exact details of how it happened but all I know is you kissed me. For all you know, THAT WAS MY VERY FIRST KISS. Again, I was shocked but still I was able to keep my cool. You were all sweet and cuddly, and kept on hugging me. I would not say that I did not like it, because I really did. It was the again, the first time, that I was that very intimate with a guy. I am not telling you this yet but  I am an NBSB, so I guess I don’t need to explain any further. I am really looking forward to more of this, and I would gladly introduce you to my parents just like when you introduced me to yours when I first went to your house.

I would be wiling to take this chance with you, if you feel the same way for me and I am really thankful that God introduced us to each other. Maybe you were the one I have been waiting for all this time. I hope this time would be it. ♥


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