What is there to come?

The 2nd sem of our junior year is the hardest, & most stressful sem we had I could say. And after a span of 5 mos. or less, we are judged. Thru grades. Yes, grades, they say, are just numbers. They won’t define who we really are. But whether we like it or not, they MATTER.

We already knew the grades in our Major subjects and I’m happy to say that the good Lord provided, and I passed 2 of the most difficult subjects we have. But not all of us are lucky. Some of my friends failed, the reason why I can’t rejoice completely. How I wish our profs were considerate enough to pass us all. Now, my Facebook page is flooded with depressing posts and I can’t do nothing but to comfort them and give them encouraging words. I don’t even know if my comforting is doing any good. I feel bad because I can’t see them this sad, or hear them thinking of transferring schools, etc. We helped each other most of the time during activities, and even exams. We’re that close and we really do care for each other. Well on my part, I really do care. I pray to God that He don’t leave them and guide them, which I’m sure the exact thing Lord is doing right now. What is there to come for me and for my friends? We’re already on our 4th year in June and I hope we’ll get that diploma all together, nobody left behind. TOGETHER.

Lord, I know you’re always working miracles. I trust you. Please continue guiding and enlightening us all. I love you.


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