This week, March 18-23 2013, will prolly be the longest rollercoaster ride of my life. Why? Because it’s the dreadful encoding of grades. Every grade I’ll receive is critical for it will determine if I will graduate on time, exactly on March 2014.

My performance in my Financial Accounting 3 and Cost Accounting subjects weren’t that good. Aside from the fact that they were difficult, my professors are not even that kind enough to make adjustments whatsoever. I’m an Accounting student and I know I MUST be good in these subjects, and these subjects were the ones that’s making me on the edge of the capital F. FAILURE. After the final exams in these subjects, my everyday prayers contains only one thing: LORD, HELP ME PASS.

When my professor posted on Facebook that grades were made and only 10 out of 16 made the cut, I cried. I know that there is a big possibility that I may not be one of the LUCKY 10. I can’t take a look at the final grade sheet, and I just kept on saying my prayers. To my surprise, I PASSED. A shining PASSED is what I saw. I cried, and I don’t know if it’s because of the joy, disbelief or what, but I’m sure it’s all of the above. It seems one big giant thorn was pulled out of my system. This now left me worrying with Cost Accounting. My prof in the subject is the whatever-I-computed-I-won’t-change type of prof when giving grades. He’s good in teaching, but jeez the lessons are just sooooo hard.We went to school to render our community service and we saw one of my classmates in the subject crying because he talked to our prof and told her that only 9 out of 22 passed. My friend and I gathered our strength to talk to our prof to confirm, and he said yes. I cried immediately, yes in front of him and the assoc. dean. My performance in his subject was worse than my perf in FA3, and I really had the hunch that I would not make it if he doesn’t make adjustments. We went to a nearby computer shop to check. My friend went first and she failed. My fear and nervousness was up the roof, and when it was my turn to check, I PASSED. A glimmering 3.0 is on my portal.

My thank yous to the Lord are never ending and will never end. I’m so grateful for Him for hearing my prayers and not leaving my side. He listened. He provided. How I wish I could really give Him the perfect gift there is. Because of what happened, I feel like doing advance reading on my Accounting subjects for the next sem. I want to prove Him that I’m deserving of everything. I don’t want to disappoint Him and everybody around me. My parents 2nd on my list.

Lord, thank you very much. I would be forever grateful to you. I love you! And to You be all the Glory!


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