This weird feeling in my stomach.

These past few days, my friend keeps on telling me that there’s this guy who she sees looking at me a couple of times already. She animatedly narrates me how she secretly looks back at the guy to assess whether he is or is not really looking at me. And according to her, it’s positive.  At first, I really didn’t care because never did I saw this guy even ONCE or I’m not just that keen on observing people, I don’t know. My friend on the other hand, easily forgets faces and what she did was vaguely described me the facial features of the guy. She’s been looking at our school’s pages to locate him, and I helped her because I became quite interested already. Who wouldn’t? It’s not everyday that someone becomes interested in you. Going on, one night, I gave my friend random FB accounts to ask her if that was the guy. I gave a particular link with the initials CSJ, then she thinks he’s the one but still not sure. The following day, we have been looking for vacant rooms, and we found one on the 4th flr of the building. The room we chose had just had a previous class, so there’s still studes going out, and I saw 2 people walking towards us, not exactly towards me, but going our way. My friend rushed to me and said, “Tingnan mo yung isa, parang yun yung nasa library na nakatingin sayo.” So to my excitement, I looked at him, and I saw him looking at ME. And I admit, he’s cute. The 2 guys stopped, and walked past us for the 2nd and 3rd time. His friend also looking at me. Coincidence it was, that guy  we just saw IS THE SAME GUY IN ONE OF THE FB ACCOUNTS THAT I GAVE MY FRIEND.  How I  really wished he had the courage to talk to me. Hahahaha. I don’t know why but after that encounter, I’m hoping I could see him again. School’s out in 3 days, and there’s this sadness, regret maybe, because THAT was the 1ST TIME and HOPEFULLY NOT THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM. I’m starting to over think things and I hate it. The what ifs are endless. Maybe it’s because it’s quite awhile that I felt this weird feeling in my stomach.

“The more you talk about someone, the more you’ll fall or the more you’ll start liking them,”

So I guess, this will be the last time I’ll be talking about him, and hopefully my fingers won’t itch to click that search button in Facebook again.


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