Having the courage to do something for first time gives you the best feeling in the world. Yesterday, my mom convinced me to do something which took me a lot of thinking before I finally agreed. TO DONATE BLOOD. One of the many reasons why I did not take Nursing was because I have fear for blood. My knees feel like jelly whenever I see blood. When I arrived at the clinic, I already felt the tension building up inside me. I kept on asking the guys and doctors in charge if it will hurt or not, and no matter what reassuring words they told me, my hands started getting cold. My mom was there the whole time, and I was like a 3-year old child who doesn’t want her mother to get away from her eyes. I’M SCARED THAT IS WHY. “Ma, pag masakit to, lagot ka sakin!”, “Doc, sure po kayo hindi masakit ha!”, were the words that I kept on saying. When I was called to lie down, I called my mom and told her to stay right beside me so I can hold her hand. The assistant in charge asked me if I can do it, and I SAID YES. I did not look at my arm during the whole blood donating process, because I’m afraid I might faint at the sight of my own blood being transferred in a bag. The process took 10 mins,  and the next thing I knew, it was finished. The pain is bearable after all. I DID IT. And knowing that I would be able to help other people is the best reward I could have for taking the risk to do something for the first time. 


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